17-Year-Old Shepherd Mix With Cancer Found In The Middle Of The Woods

Rescuers feared someone had dumped an old dog with cancer in the woods to die, but it turned out the dog had just run away after being scared by fireworks. Rocky, a 17-year-old shepherd mix, was reunited with his owners after Conway Area Humane Society posted a video of him on Facebook.

Conway Area Humane Society

“Thanks to all of your shares, the owner has been located! They have been searching for 4 days for Rocky. He disappeared after being spooked by fireworks. Rocky is 17 years old and has cancer, he is loved and very missed. We are SO relieved this story has a happy ending,” they said in the statement.

Conway Area Humane Society

“Yay! Not only did he get reclaimed but he belongs to Pete, a good friend of CAHS! Happy day!” the organization said in an update.

There was real concern that someone no longer wanted to care for this dog and proceeded to dump him in the middle of nowhere, as we’ve all seen far too often. We’re so happy this good boy got to be returned to the place he belongs. 🙂