Boy Who Was Once Abused & Unloved Wants To Home Senior Dogs

Robbie Gay came from a life of neglect and abuse. There were times he was hurt so badly he had to be hospitalized with brain injuries. He entered the foster program determined to make sure no dog would ever have to feel the way he once did.

Now with his adoptive family, he wants to take in as many senior and unadoptable dogs as they will allow. He’s always been drawn to the underdog because of his past and therefore sees part of himself in them.

When he’s older, Robbie wants to adopt older foster children into his home. But until then, he’ll continue to practice compassion and give back to as many dogs as he can. Right now, it’s a snaggletoothed Shih-Tzu named Molly who’s living her best life in the care of the loving and selfless boy. Incredible!