Dog Found Wandering The Street With A Note In A Bottle On Her Collar

Roadie the German Shepherd was left to fend for herself as she roamed the streets of Franklin, Indiana, with a note in a bottle attached to her collar. She was sitting under a tree unsure of what to do when someone spotted her and decided to help.

Johnson County Animal Control

They contacted Johnson County Animal Control, and director Michael Delp rushed to pick her up. The note stated that Roadie was loved and cared for by her family but that her dad had lost his job due to COVID-19 and will soon lose their home as well.

Johnson County Animal Control

The dog was in perfect health, she just needed a home. After an investigation, it was found to be legit that the owner had indeed fallen on hard times, and they reached out to get that person the help needed.

Johnson County Animal Control

And it was Jeremy Pell, chief of the White River Township Fire Department and reserve sheriff deputy, who saw Roadie on the news and thought she’d be perfect for the search and rescue dog opening they had. He went to the shelter, and the good girl passed all of the tests and earned a new life in doing so!

Jeremy Pell

Roadie now goes by Rosie Grace and goes to work everyday with her new dad! She sleeps by his desk and works on her social skills and obedience training when it’s time. It’s still the early stages of training, but they hope Rosie Grace will one day be able to work alongside her dad in the community. Amazing! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo