They Arrive To The Shelter, And One Boy Comes Crawling On Twisted Legs

A dog named Richard was stuck in a shelter with malformed front legs with no hope of ever getting the help he needed. He’d crawl and drag himself across rocks and debris as it was his only way of getting around. But Viktor Larkhill showed up and refused to let this boy continue life this way.

He took Richard in for a CT scan and X-rays to determine the best way to go about possibly fixing the dog’s twisted legs. Richard appeared a bit sad in those puppy eyes but was very cooperative through it all. It would be a complex procedure, but surgeons said the legs could be fixed! 🙂

After the surgery, Richard was able to walk upright for the first time ever! As if that weren’t special enough, the good dog even found a forever home with a loving family and dog sibling to play and share his life with! See his full rescue story below: