Little Girl Improvises Adorable Lullaby While Holding Her Rescue Dog

It can’t be stated enough: dogs make the absolute perfect companions for kids. The friendship and unconditional love that arises and only gets stronger as they grow older together is invaluable. It’s definitely not a one way street — the benefits to the dog and the child are profound and both get to reap the rewards of the relationship.

A dog saved from the shelter is forever in debt to its adopter. And while a lot of people grow up without pets, I feel they truly miss out on a special bond that can’t be found anywhere else. Man’s best friend and dog’s best friend deserve each other. Just take a look at the sweet little girl and her adopted dog below.

As the little girl improvises an adorable lullaby, her puppy rests in her arms feeling as safe and secure as can be. The level of trust and loyalty is evident from the very beginning, and it’s a great example of the unique friendship described above. You can tell the girl will grow up to be a wonderful lady by this interaction, and the dog will have quite the amazing life moving forward. 🙂

Make sure the volume is turned on, you don’t want to miss this.