Woman Asks If She Can At Least Walk Dog Who’s Been Chained For 10 Years

Ralph had been chained up outside of his home for 10 years straight with just the hard ground to sleep on, and he was fed whatever leftovers the family had. Then a kind woman came across the dog and asked if she could walk him. She’d visit him three times a day for six months.

She’d bring him balls and toys and take him on walks to get some exercise. But it was so hard to leave him each time. She gave him a thick blanket to sleep on and even gave him a bath! Then one day, Ralph looked as if he was in lots of pain. He needed to see a vet.

One thing led to another, and the family finally agreed to let the woman take Ralph home. And the dog was so happy to go! He’s now living with her and all the other animals at her shelter as a foster, and he’s as healthy as can be. He just needs a forever home where he can be the only pet as he’s never developed any social skills and is such an attention hog! 🙂