Little Raffi Escapes Rescuers And Has So Many Close Calls During Stressful Chase

Hope For Paws learned about a homeless dog living near the park and responded to the call. Upon arrival, Loreta offered the little pup a cheeseburger to try and gain his trust. The dog was skeptical and cautious even though he was hungry, and he took off running.

What would follow would be a stressful chase as rescuers followed from a distance in their car as to not scare the dog in such a dangerous situation. But there were so many close calls along the way. They hoped the dog would tire and eventually give up.

Over an hour later, the dog did start slowing down and found a home to try and take refuge. This is where Raffi would finally be secured and removed from all danger. The rescuers could finally exhale knowing he was safe. 🙂

Little Raffi needs a forever home, and you can contact Smooch Pooch Rescue if you want to inquire about adopting.

You can donate to Hope For Paws to help them continue to save dogs during the holiday season.