The ‘Hunchback Hound’ Was Born Different And Afraid But Has Found Love In The World

Quasimodo was born different and grew up afraid of humans. He’s believed to be one of only 15 dogs in the world to be born with short spine syndrome. But it hasn’t stopped him from living his life, and he’s loved by all who know him.

“He’s a true German Shepherd, just shortened,” Rachel says.

The “Hunchback Hound” has found internet fame after being rescued from the streets and adopted into a loving forever home. The dog is enjoying his second chance at life with his family who started Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

After being rescued as a stray from Kentucky, Quasi got to know a woman named Rachel who really helped him come out of his shell. His rare condition forces him to do some things differently than most dogs, but he’s the sweetest pup anyone could ever ask for! 🙂