Puppy Has Such A Good Time At The Vet’s Office, She Stubbornly Refuses To Leave

Dogs like going to the vet about as much as we like going to see the doctor. Having tests taken and being poked and prodded is never any fun. But for whatever reason, Georgia the Bernese Mountain Dog enjoys visiting her veterinarian! 🙂

Georgia enjoyed this vet visit so much, she refuses to leave! She just makes it to the doorway when she plops down and protests by not moving an inch. They try bribing her with treats, and the pup finally starts moving.

But once she gets to the reception desk and sees more of the staff there, Georgia wants to have a moment with them! She sits down once again looking for some more treats and belly pats. Finally, Dad just realizes he’s going to have to pick her up and carry her to the car. 😀

Does your dog have an unusual obsession with the vet? I’ve never seen anything like this! Let’s hear your stories in the comments.