Little Boy Leaves Puppy In A Box At The School Door And Flees The Scene

A janitor was busy cleaning the school building when he heard a knock at the door and opened it to see a little boy running away. A cardboard box was sitting at the door with a handwritten note on it. To the janitor’s surprise, he saw a tiny puppy inside.

The man contacted a teacher at the school known for being a dog lover, and she took the pup home and named her Snowflake. She would provide a temporary home for the dog until other arrangements could be made.

The teacher later contacted a local animal shelter called Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and had them take Snowflake into their care. They could not contact the boy who left the dog behind, but it was clear from the note that he wanted a better life for her. It’s hard to imagine all of the things that led to this situation, but he did what he thought was necessary to help.

Snowflake ended up receiving vaccinations at a vet and is now living with her new foster family! She spent the holidays with her family and is loving this new life. Thanks to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for finding Snowflake this foster home!

The little dog’s already living a better life after avoiding the unfortunate circumstances the boy saw unfit for her. Amazing.