Dad Notices His Puppy Wrestling At The End Of The Driveway And Runs Over To Help

Who says tiny puppies can’t help out around the house? They dream as big as fully grown dogs, and despite their size, they want to prove that they are more than capable of doing some basic chores! And Gracie the Labrador puppy has made it her thing to run to the end of the driveway and bring the newspaper in every day.

The only thing is, today is Sunday. And that means the newspaper is about double the size of a normal paper. But this little pupper is determined, and she won’t accept defeat! Her job is to bring the paper in to Dad, and there’s no way she’s backing down from the challenge. Dad runs to the end of the driveway where she’s wrestling with the newspaper and offers some words of encouragement. After cheering her on for a bit, the pup is able to properly secure and carry Dad’s daily favorite. 🙂