Neighbors Hear Puppy Crying Next Door, Find One Kept Outside In A Birdcage

Some people in Serbia heard a crying puppy next door and wondered what was going on. So they called on the Dog Rescue Shelter organization who arrived on scene to see what was up. And they couldn’t believe what they saw — a puppy being kept outside in a birdcage.

The man knocked at the door wanting to talk to the owner, but no one answered. Seeing as no one was home, he wasn’t just about to let this puppy stay here like this. The rescuer approached the cage and reached in for the little girl. The puppy seemed so grateful to be pulled from this personal prison.

The rescuer took the pup back to the rescue for a checkup and care, and he named her Mini. He decided to foster the sweet girl himself, but it wasn’t long until she found an amazing forever home! No more birdcages. 🙂