Dog Could No Longer Walk, And His Owner Abandoned Him

Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted to a disabled dog who’d been abandoned. His owner had used him for breeding, and once they didn’t need him anymore, they left him behind to fend for himself. But the dog couldn’t walk. So rescuers and volunteers got to helping him right away.

The first step would be hydrotherapy. It was clear this gentle giant had never been taken on walks or allowed to play, so he’d have to be introduced to exercise slowly. The good boy cooperated and took right to it, and they didn’t know what he loved more: the water or the attention! 🙂

By week six, Pumba was able to stand and wobble around on his own! And having never been able to play with another dog, he wasn’t about to miss the chance. Watch as he runs around and plays and interacts in a way he never could before!