Rescuers Happen To See A Man Trying To Pet A Matted Dog And Ask If It’s His

Hope For Paws happened to be coming from a rescue when they spotted another dog on the road. They saw a man trying to pet it and asked if it was his. He said he thought the dog was lost, so rescuers got out and tried to entice the pup with some chicken.

The dog looked matted and dirty, and they saw he had an old collar with no tag. Luring him with food worked as they were able to capture him with a gentle snare and place the Lucky Leash around his neck. He had no microchip.

Rescuers asked around the neighborhood if the dog belonged to anyone, but people only recognized him as the local stray. He was taken back to Hope For Paws to get cleaned up and checked out, and they named him Prince Harry!

And boy is he being treated like royalty! Prince Harry is currently with a foster at L.A. Animal Rescue and awaiting his forever home. 🙂