Dog Living In A Ghost Town Had No One, Only Knew This Life On The Tracks

Hope For Paws received a text about a stray living in a ghost town, and they set out for rescue. Eldad and Loreta arrived on scene and offered some treats, but the blue-eyed Husky wasn’t interested. He took to the tracks of an active train, and rescuers went to get a cheeseburger.

After many hours of waiting and trying to convince the dog they were there to help, they’d have to go actively capture him. They cornered the dog with a net and secured him with the gentle snare. They wanted to make sure he wouldn’t have to spend another scary night here alone. They named him Prince and headed back for care!

Prince needed a spa treatment after spending so much time on the streets, and then the dog would receive all of the necessary medical care. After some training sessions, Prince found a wonderful forever home! Another job well done. 🙂