Dog Enters Toddler’s Room At Night To Help Put Fussy Child Back To Sleep

Sara and Zach Lebwohl decided to add to their family and welcomed baby Halle to the world two years ago! The little girl and family dog, Prince, would bond right away and become inseparable best friends. The dog even learned how to help take care of the girl in the middle of the night when she’d start crying!

Sara Lebwohl

Now sleeping in her own room, the toddler has her ups and downs and sometimes requires comforting throughout the night. And Prince has always been the first one to notice and walk into her room to calm her.

Zachary Lebwohl

What a good helper! Not only does Prince ease Halle back to sleep, Mom and Dad are able to get more sleep throughout the night as a result of his calming tactics. Mornings are a lot better off in this house with Prince around! 😀