Homeless Dog Hid In The Bushes As His Toes Turned Backward

Animal Aid Unlimited approached an angel hiding in the bushes who was unable to walk. The stray dog was so gentle and friendly despite all of his pain. They had to be careful picking him up in case he had spine damage. They then headed back to the hospital with the sweet boy.

Here, volunteers administered pain medicine and found that he had suffered trauma to his lower spine. A look at his paws revealed his toes turning in backward which indicated nerve damage. Too much was going on, and he wouldn’t even eat. But tomorrow is a new day…

The good boy started eating and showing off his wonderful personality, but he still couldn’t walk on his own after a week of therapy. For two months, his condition didn’t change. They began to worry he was beyond hope, but thankfully, they were wrong.

Take a look at Precious today! 🙂