Clumsy Pup Hilariously Fails To Grab Lettuce On Table, Enlists Help Of Big Brother

If you watch dog videos online, chances are you’ve heard of Maymo. Maymo the Beagle has been recorded numerous times getting into some crazy shenanigans, and he’s built quite the fan base over the years. In the video below, Maymo’s little brother, Potpie, is the star. Until he needs Maymo’s help, that is! ūüėČ

Potpie the Beagle wants nothing more than the head of lettuce sitting on the table. The problem? It’s just out of reach! After several attempts and an adorably hilarious fail, the puppy enlists the help of big brother.

Maymo gets up on the couch and easily steps over to the table and grabs the lettuce. Now it’s on the floor for the both of them to enjoy! These two really love their lettuce, and they make such a big mess diving into it! ūüėÄ

Aren’t Maymo and Potpie just the best? They make quite the team! I find their love of lettuce hilarious ‚ÄĒ I’ve never seen anything like it!