Dog Hid Away Under A Bush As Local Kids Bullied Her For Being Old

Porkie was a homeless dog who spent her days hiding away under a bush as she was constantly abused and bullied by the local kids for being old. Thankfully, she was brought to Cape Town for rehoming, and Sidewalk Specials would take it from here! She so much deserved this second chance in life to feel love.

They found that her teeth were ground to the nerve from eating rocks, and she would need a procedure in order to save her eye. The girl was old and sick, so who would want her? Two very kind and special people, that’s who! 🙂

Porkie is now living the best days of her life with her loving humans and cat sibling! The dog now knows what it’s like to play, cuddle, and go on walks and not have to worry about being picked on or hurt. It’s a beautiful thing.