Mom Shows Pao New Diet, Dog Flips And Throws Dish Across The Room

I think we can all agree; Dieting is no fun, but sometimes it’s necessary to get back on the right track for our longterm health. Understanding that, we can suck it up and deal with it. But for dogs and other animals who can’t know how this is helping, let’s just say it can be hard for them to come to terms with it! 😛

In the video below, Mom presents Pao the Pomeranian with a corrected portion size of his normal kibble in order to lose some weight. This is obviously exaggerated — and no worries, he gets the right amount for his size — but the dog’s reaction is too good!

Pao stares at the mostly empty bowl and slowly raises his head up to look Mom in the eye. His face has turned from a derpy look with tongue hanging out to a snarl showing teeth! The Pomeranian then loses it and sends the dish flying across the room in anger. It’s fair to say he does not approve of this new diet! 😀