Police Dog Is On Duty When He Comes Across His Longtime Idol

It’s not every day you get to meet your idol. And if and when that day ever comes, you just have to take a moment to let that person know how much they’ve influenced your life decisions. And that’s exactly what this police dog did when he came across McGruff!

Remember McGruff the Crime Dog? He was the cartoon character dog dressed in a trench coat telling you to stay out of trouble as a kid and encouraging people to help “take a bite out of crime.”


Greg Padden was in a metro station in New York City where a meet-and-greet was happening with McGruff and a group of cops. And no one was more excited to see McGruff than the on-duty police pup! Perhaps the reason he got into this line of work in the first place, the dog just had to show McGruff his appreciation! 😉

I love how the cops allow the dog to have his moment despite being on the job. What an adorable scene!