Mom’s Two Dogs Play Dead To Avoid Being Blamed For The Mess They Made

When dogs know they are busted for doing something wrong, they often wear the guilt on their sleeves. They can’t look their owners in the eye and often try walking away from the entire thing. But the two dogs in the video below came up with a new way to try to avoid the backlash! 😛

Sophia and Oliver the Bulldogs made quite the mess in the living room when their parents were away, and now they must face the consequences. But they don’t want to. So they both play dead in hopes that it’ll stop the interrogation! 😀

But Mom knows what will get them; “Who wants a snack?” she asks the dogs. They both pop up immediately as if the mess never happened!

“Thought you were dead,” Mom says to question their motive. The dogs then return to their “dead” poses. Too funny!