Vet Issues Warning After A Plastic Bottle Gets Stuck In Dog’s Mouth

Boh Earnshaw, 20, woke one morning to her dog in distress. Bodhi the 11-month-old Schnoodle was in a panic because a discarded plastic bottle got stuck on his jaw, and he was starting to choke.

Boh EarnshawFacebook

Bodhi was crying out and doing everything he could to remove the bottle, but it wouldn’t budge. Boh tried to help, but the bottle had created a suction. So she took her dog to the emergency clinic in a hurry.

The vet also had no luck trying to remove the bottle, so he sedated Bodhi in order to saw it out. The dog’s mouth and jaw had become swollen during this scary situation, but he was clearly relieved to finally be free from it. The vet expects the dog to fully recover in a few days.

Boh EarnshawFacebook

Boh isn’t sure how Bodhi got ahold of a bottle overnight, but she’s going to make sure it never happens again. And it’s a good lesson for pet owners everywhere. Many dogs love to play with plastic bottles as toys, but they propose a great danger and should be kept out of their reach.

h/t – I Love My Dog So Much