Family Gets Lonely Dog A Friend To Help With Her Brother Going Off To Preschool

The day baby Elliot was brought home from the hospital, he had a best friend for life in Gemma! The pittie took to her human brother and never left his side, and they were inseparable the first few years of his life. But then he had to go off to preschool, and the dog became lonely.

The pittie was sad when her brother left her for school, and she’d just sit around real mopey looking out the window. Then, the family brought a little friend into the home that would help fill that void in her life: Boops the foster kitty!

The kitten was a little hesitant at first but eventually came around as Gemma tried playing with her. Their intention was only to foster Boops, but when the family saw the bond that had formed, they couldn’t let her go. Nowadays, Elliot, Gemma, and Boops are all best buds living their best lives together! 🙂