‘Unknown’ Pit Bull Sat Alone In The Shelter — Until 10 Words Changed Her Life

A nameless, emaciated pit bull mix sat at the shelter just wasting away. The dog was so starved that the muscles in her head had atrophied and sunken into her skull. She needed someone, anyone, to notice her and save her.

Photographer Sherry Stinson happened to be visiting the shelter for a photo shoot one day with the children she brought along for help when one kid saw the red pit bull and asked, “We can just feed her and she’ll get better, right?”

Sherry, not wanting to hurt the child’s feelings, lied and said, “Of course.” She didn’t want to tell the kid that without rescue, the dog would get euthanized. Later that night, Sherry couldn’t stop thinking about those ten words.

So the next day, Sherry went back to the shelter and saved the dog’s life! She named the pit bull Destiny as the relationship was just meant to be. How perfect!