Stray Dog Didn’t Trust Anyone, Took To A Field As A Last Resort In Life

A homeless dog was living in a huge field when Hope For Paws showed up for rescue. But when the scared girl saw them, she took off running. They couldn’t find her and would have to return at 6AM the next morning. After waiting around for an hour, she reappeared.

Rescuers set a trap and watched from a distance as not to make her nervous. She didn’t trust anyone, but maybe a cheeseburger would help persuade her! The dog eventually decided to go for the food, and they finally had her!

Pinky would not have to spend winter alone out in the cold. The dog was spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped before heading to Foxy and the Hounds to be fostered. And her foster mom loved her so much, she decided to adopt her — and rename her Bailey! 🙂