Dog Found Collapsed In A Gutter Could Barely Hold Her Head Up To Keep From Drowning

We have to start by saying this is a tough one to watch. But it’s totally worth it because of the very happy ending. Animal Aid received a call about a dog collapsed in a sewage ditch, and when rescuers arrived they could see she was in the process of drowning. The dog’s nose kept dipping into the water, and bubbles were emerging.

It turned out the dog had a completely fractured leg. It’s possible she was hit by a car and took to the water in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding or ease the pain. They had arrived just in time. Minutes later and Phoenix could have died. It took several days back at Animal Aid to stabilize her in order to amputate the leg. There were times they thought they were going to lose her, but wait until you see Phoenix today. 🙂