Golden Retriever’s Owners Free-Fed Him, And He Climbed All The Way To 150 Pounds

Phil the Golden Retriever had seen better days. But this was due to the opposite kind of neglect that we normally hear about; The dog was overfed, and his owners made sure his bowl was never empty. So Phil just kept on eating. What some people do out of love, they don’t realize is actually hurting their pets.

Being rehomed with Kelsey would be the best thing to ever happen to Phil. At 150 pounds, the dog needed to get down to around 90 pounds for good health. So a food plan and walking routine were put into place from the get-go. Eventually, Phil would lose his 60 pounds, and not only does he look so much better, he’s way healthier. Kelsey added years of life to this boy, and just wait until you see him now! 🙂