Pets Gather Around The Table To Celebrate Christmas With A Holiday Feast

Freshpet is on a mission to bring the power of fresh, real food to dogs and cats. And they’re committed to doing so in ways that are good for our pets, for people and for the planet. Their video “Le Holiday Feast” aims to bring awareness to their product by hilariously covering every stereotypical relative at the Christmas table. Can you relate? 😀

There’s nothing like the holidays to sit back and relax and catch up with some relatives you may not get to see all the time. But be honest — we all have that relative. And we can only handle them in small doses. There’s a reason the holiday season only comes around once a year, right? 😀

From the drunk aunt with a flask to the rebellious teenager spending the entire meal on his smartphone, they’re all covered here by some pretty impressive performances by 13 dogs and a cat!

The mistletoe is not appreciated at this table! 😉

Isn’t this hilarious? It’s definitely one of my favorite holiday pet videos. It’s one you can watch every year, and it never gets old! With nearly 12 million views on YouTube, it’s safe to say this one is a hit. Check it out below! 🙂