Dog Can’t Stand That A Coyote Is Playing With All Of Her Toys Outside

Jealousy can be a dangerous thing. So it’s a good thing Dad was here to try and talk some sense into his dog, Penny! All she could do was watch through the window as a wild coyote played with all of the toys she’d left outside in the backyard. All of a sudden she regretted so very much not bringing them back inside! 😛

Unfazed, the coyote played with and flailed around the toys as if it were a domesticated dog! And then at one point, it was having so much fun that it stopped to chase its tail around! These wild animals are so much closer to our dogs than we realize, just don’t try to pet one. 😉

As the coyote continued to play, Penny whined and barked so full of anger. And Dad had to repeatedly tell her no, she could not go outside and confront the coyote to try and do something about it! See the interaction in full in the video below. Too funny!