Rescuers Find Disoriented Dog Wandering The Streets With A Swollen Head

Animal Aid came across a street dog with a severely swollen head and knew something was seriously wrong. She seemed disoriented and was scared of being touched. The dog needed urgent medical care, so rescuers did what they had to do to grab her.

They took sweet Pauline back to the Animal Aid hospital where they put her under so she wouldn’t feel pain. It was a wound on her throat that had caused the swelling in her head, and it was full of maggots. They applied medicine to kill the maggots and later cleaned out the wound.

They knew that after she woke up, she’d already be feeling so much better. They continued with the treatments and by day three, the swelling was almost completely gone. Pauline was eating and doing well.

And after five weeks of treatment, everything had changed for this sweet elderly girl. She went from stumbling and being dizzy with pain when they found her to the beautiful, healthy dog she is today. Take a look! 🙂

Can you believe it? Pauline looks amazing! Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited for all of their hard work, it truly paid off in the end.

If you’d like to make a donation to help street animals in India, you can do so here.