Little Dog Froze Away In A Wire Cage Waiting For An Answer To This Life

The International team of the Humane Society of the United States raided a dog meat farm in South Korea to shut it down for good. And among all of the dogs there, they came across a little fella freezing in his wire cage. The image burned into their minds. This is Patou’s story…

Rescuers pulled Patou from his own personal hell and wrapped him in a blanket. It was the first time he’d been warm in who knows how long. He received plenty of cuddles, love, and affection before being loaded onto the truck with all of his dog siblings for a second chance at life!

After receiving medical care and a checkup, Patou was ready to be put up for adoption. His future family saw his adoption photo and had to have him! The little dog’s life is now full of family, naps, games, and cheer. See Patou living it up today in the video below! 🙂