Sad Dog Rediscovers A Smell He Thought He’d Never Smell Again

A little dog named Paquito and his owner, Evlyn Castro’s uncle, had been inseparable for years. They were the best of friends and went everywhere together. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short. But it turns out the memory of his owner has always lived on within the little dog’s heart.

Evlyn Castro

It was six years ago when Evlyn’s uncle fell ill with a sickness from which he would not recover. And poor little Paquito was devastated. The family did their best to help the dog cope, and with time he got better and better. But recently something happened that proved the puppy’s best friend never left his mind.

Evlyn Castro

Evlyn and her aunt were sorting through boxes of her uncle’s clothes that had gotten wet in a rainstorm. They spread the clothes out all over the floor to help them dry, and that’s when Paquito ran into the room.

“He laid down on top of the clothes and spent a long time smelling and snuggling them,” Evlyn told The Dodo.

Paquito recognized the familiar scent on the clothes, and it brought him back to a time when the dog and his owner lived together as best pals.

“He felt his smell after years,” Evlyn said. “He did not want to move away from the clothes. It was very emotional.”

This is proof that the memories can live on within a dog’s mind. While a bittersweet scene, it’s amazing that Paquito was able to relive some of those fond memories with his former owner.

Paquito is surrounded by a family who loves him and shares in his loss, and they’ll continue to get through life’s hardships together.

h/t The Dodo