Dog Left Behind On An Island During A Volcanic Eruption Had Nowhere To Go

Residents of Taal Island were quickly escorted to safety when the volcano started erupting. But this meant lots of animals were left behind to fend for themselves. PETA Asia fieldworkers had gotten to know a dog named Palakitik over the years, and they became worried about her upon hearing the news.

With no way to escape the ash and smoke, these animals were in serious danger. But PETA’s rescue team showed up to help as the only charity to make it to the island. When they reached Taal, they called out for their friend Palakitik.

At first, they worried that she might not have survived. But it wasn’t long before she came running to them just as she always used to! She looked a little worse for wear, but she’s now safe and sound. Many other animals on the island still need help, but the fieldworkers are on it!