Dog Was So Overweight She Couldn’t Sleep After Being Overfed To Obesity

Jessica Janos adopted Corina from the South L.A. Animal Shelter because the dog desperately needed someone to help her in life. The dog was so overweight, she couldn’t even sleep as witnessed in her first night at home. She only lay there panting as if she were suffocating.

“It was like seeing another dog trapped inside a cage that was her own body,” she said.

The shelter gave her a list of all of the dog’s health problems, and it became motivation to see them all through and fix them. And with a new diet plan in place, Corina instantly began dropping weight!

With daily walks and activities, the pounds kept dropping off! For a dog who was once 49 pounds, falling beneath the 40 mark was a big milestone. Running and playing with other dogs and being able to finally jump up on the bed brought tears to Jessica’s eyes.

And now at just half the weight she was rescued at, Corina is able to live the life of a normal dog! And it’s all thanks to the hard work of Jessica and family. 🙂