Overweight Chihuahua Found Locked In A Crate On The Side Of The Highway

Stanley the Chihuahua was locked in a crate and abandoned on the side of Route 80 in New Jersey. The dog was so scared and confused as cars passed him by. He was overweight, disabled, and could only wonder why he was left here to fend for himself. Animal control ended up picking him up and taking him to their facility, and now he was surrounded by barking dogs while unable to move around on his own.

Ramapo Bergen Animal RefugeFacebook

When Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland learned about Stanley, they took him in right away to give him the love and care he needed. The 8-year-old dog weighed double his recommended weight and all four legs were deformed. But Stanley found a foster home where he could work on losing weight with the help of a mobility device that’d allow him to move around without dragging his stomach on the floor.

Ramapo Bergen Animal RefugeFacebook

“His story is hard to tell and even harder to imagine,” the animal refuge said on Facebook. “Stanley lives for today, but our minds can’t help but wander to Stanley’s past. In our moments of despair, we imagine Stanley trapped on the side of the highway, watching cars speed by, scared, confused and hoping for his people to return.”

Stanley is grateful for this second chance at life, and it’s all thanks to his rescuers and carers and his foster mom who will oversee his weight loss journey! 🙂