Stray Dog Collapsed To The Ground And Lay There Crying Out For Help

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to help a dog lying on the ground unable to move. He had collapsed and was crying out in pain. Rescuers figured he had probably been hit by a car, so they were careful to load him into the vehicle to get him back to the hospital.

The good boy could only move his eyes and was trapped by the pain. He was checked over and had no external wounds or fractures, but he did have a neck injury. They treated him with anti-inflammatories and prescribed lots of bed rest.

At first, it hurt him to lift his head but he loved food. And he loved his carer Dhapu! After just 10 days, he was ready to start physiotherapy. They couldn’t see this dog’s injury, but he would make sure to let them know when he felt better. See Orlando now! 🙂