Woman’s Dog Jerks Her Out Of The Way Last Second To Save Her Life

Kimberley Bridges had just adopted Boxer/Staffy mix Orla only a few months ago, but the dog has already repaid the debt in a big way. When they were out on a walk, the woman felt the dog jerk on the leash, and the rest was a blur…

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It turned out Orla was saving her owner’s life from a speeding, reckless driver. After checking the neighbor’s dash cam, Kimberley realized just how close of a call it actually was.

It all happened so quickly. When they got home, Orla was still a little on edge and shaken, and that’s what prompted the video review. “I just froze in fear. All I could see was this huge truck hurtling towards me. I thought, ‘there is no way I will survive this,'” Kimberley said.

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Amazing! Orla is being hailed a hero, and she deserves all of the accolades she gets for her quick thinking. 🙂