Oliver Just Got A Bath, So As Is Customary, It’s Time To Go Berserk

It’s no secret that a large majority of dogs hate taking baths. They spend all of their time rolling around and adding just the right amount of stinkiness for it all to be taken away within minutes! And don’t even get them started on water — that stuff is weird! 😛

Oliver the Beagle just got a bath. And like always, now it’s time to run around the house and act completely irrational. He’s still a little wet because he wouldn’t sit still long enough for dad to completely dry him off with the towel, so now he has to do some drying himself!

Oliver runs upstairs and howls in protest of soap and water and smelling good, and then he starts rubbing his face and body all over the carpet. “Being wet is such a tragedy!” dad says sarcastically. 🙂

Aren’t dogs funny when it comes to taking baths? Does your dog have any specific way of protesting them? Let’s hear the stories in the comments!