Sickly Puppy With Suspicious Wounds Was So Exhausted From Trying To Stay Alive

A puppy named Olive was rescued at Sidewalk Specials’ Steri Drive for a second chance at life after being dealt a bad hand to begin with. She was mangy, sick, and scared and had a cherry eye. Not to mention her little body was covered in suspicious injuries.

The dog had very little hope and nowhere to turn when her life took this fortunate turn. She was so exhausted from just trying to stay alive, but now she could finally rest knowing she was in great hands!

From sickly and skinny to running around with a case of the zoomies on the beach, Olive sure has some a long way in a short amount of time! This is the life the pup was always meant to live, and it’s wonderful to see her so happy now. See Olive’s rescue story in the video below: