Dog Chained And Starved For 7 Years Gets First Real Meal

Odie was confiscated from an uncooperative owner by Sidewalk Specials. The poor dog had been chained up and starved for 7 years, and his bony body showed it. He scarfed down some kibble as it was his first real meal in probably forever, and rescuers got him back to Cape Town and Vet Point for a checkup.

Odie had tick bite, sinusitis, and 9 rotten teeth. Who would want a dog with so many health issues? A family with lots of dogs, chickens, and horses, that’s who! 🙂

Now with all of these new friends and a loving family, Odie is living the life he was always meant to live. And it’s all thanks to Sidewalk Specials and their supporters!