Hope For Paws Gets Late Night Call, Shows Up In The Dark Unaware Of What They’ll Find

Hope For Paws received a late night call about an abandoned dog and were told the stray was nervous and would run if anyone got too close. So the rescuers decided to use the darkness to their advantage.

Loreta approached the dog with a cheeseburger. While she was distracting her, Eldad decided to try and sneak up from behind. He was able to grab the dog with the gentle snare, and then they worked on calming her down. They moved her off of the road for everyone’s safety.

As they were just a few blocks away from the beach, they named her Ocean. The sweet dog wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but they promised her everything would be amazing! The headed to the hospital to get the dog all cleaned up.

Ocean was placed in foster care with Doggies 911, and just a few weeks later, they found her a loving forever home! Just look how far she has come running around freely in a yard with people who love her. 🙂

You can donate to Hope For Paws to help them continue to rescue homeless dogs.