Patient Dog Plays With Obsessed Human Baby Brother

We all know that dogs make perfect companions for children, and the video below highlights one of the big reasons why. Babies can unknowingly be a little rough, and for dogs to understand that and to have the patience and tolerance to respond in a playful manner speaks volumes to their personalities. Hence the nickname, Man’s Best Friend. ūüôā

Baby Erwin can’t keep his hands off of his furry pal, one-year-old Cira the dog. You can tell Cira loves her human baby brother and would do anything for him. The way they romp and play is indescribably adorable. That being said, it’s extremely important to use caution when allowing a baby around a dog. Not every dog is as accepting as Cira when it comes to being grabbed and climbed upon. Supervision is always required, no matter the age of the young one.