Woman Got A Pit Bull, And Her Landlord Said To Get Rid Of It Or Move Out

Cierra saw an ad about a little pit bull puppy in a less than ideal situation. She wouldn’t call Nilla a rescue, but she definitely saved her life. The original owners didn’t know how to properly care for the dog, and after only a week under the woman’s care, Nilla’s health issues were under control and she had a whole new aura about her. ūüôā

But when she notified her landlord and went through the whole pet policy, they found out Nilla was a pit bull and laid out the ultimatum of getting rid of the dog or moving out. It was a tough life decision, but this was her dog; So she began looking for a new place to live right away! Now just down the street, the two are living it up and enhancing each other’s lives in the best ways. <3