Little Dog Sits Howling Next To A Hole Until Someone Looks Inside

Willians Mollo Flores was walking his dog when they heard another barking. They discovered this little dog sitting beside a hole in the ground howling as if he wanted help. Down in the crawl space was an identical looking dog who was trapped…

Willians Mollo Flores

The man quickly went home to grab food, water, and a rope and returned to lower himself down to rescue the dog. Once back to solid land, the pup ran directly over to his brother to thank him for his help!

At this point, Willians didn’t know what else to do so he sat with the dogs while he tried reaching out on social media. He got ahold of animal rescuer Valeska Torres Tapia who agreed to take them in. She believes they were dumped there by the owner of a puppy mill.

Valeska Torres

But Valeska named them Angel and Salvador and decided to keep them forever! The inseparable brothers now have a forever home, and it’s a place they fit in perfectly. What a great job by everyone involved! 🙂

H/T The Dodo