This Is Why You Should Never Pet A Service Dog

Hailey Ashmore has a dog named Flynn, but he is not just a normal dog. Flynn is a service dog that helps alert Hailey about her oncoming seizures. As tough as it may be to resist petting a dog, you should never pet a service dog.

Flynn is a seven-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy being trained as a service dog. Little did a stranger know, he was putting Hailey in harm’s way by petting him.

Hailey was visiting her dad at work when a stranger started petting her dog. She immediately told him to stop, but this tiny distraction made Flynn miss the start of a seizure.

“I thought I had 10 minutes to get safe, take medication and call somebody for help,” Hailey told The Dodo. “Unfortunately, I didn’t and ended up getting a nasty rug burn.”

Flynn was only seven months old at the time and still learning to ignore people wanting to pet him.

“We understand our dogs are super cute, but they are really important for our safety and health.”

Although service dogs act as an important piece of equipment for those needing assistance, they are still animals and can be distracted. That’s why it’s important to follow the words on their vest and DO NOT PET.

Photo credits: Hailey Ashmore
h/t The Dodo