Dog Carries Around And Dances With Her Bowls When She’s Hungry

Mya the brindle pittie came to foster Briana Maiola in rough shape and not wanting to eat. They would have to force feed the dog early on, but as she began to heal both mentally and physically, her appetite started to return in a big way. And now, she’s always sure to let Mom know when she’s hungry! 😀

And she does so with the utmost enthusiasm. Mya will carry around her bowls and dance with them, hence her nickname “Mya the Hungry Wiggle Butt”!

She’s pretty much obsessed with her bowls and takes them all over the house — and even outside sometimes!

The three-year-old pit bull is very dramatic and loves talking while holding her bowls in her mouth. Anything for the attention!

But knowing where Mya came from in her early days, this enthusiasm for eating is something Briana will never take for granted. She’s in such a good place now, and the goofy girl deserves it all! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo