Tiny Orphaned Kitten Sits On Laps And Awaits Cuddles

Mustang Bartholomew was found crying on the streets of Los Angeles by a Good Samaritan. She took the six-week-old kitty to Ashley Kelley at Wrenn Rescues, and Ashley saw that the tiny orphan kitten was only half the normal size for his age.

She would provide around-the-clock care for little Bartholomew and introduced him to the four other kittens under her care — Olivia, Ophelia, Opal, and Oliver. The five kittens were soon moved to the rescue’s Jen Marder for foster care. This is where they noticed Bartholomew was quite the cuddlebug!

Bartholomew would always snuggle his foster parents and cat siblings. And anytime he’d meet someone new, he’d run to their lap for pets and cuddles! He’s the sweetest little kitty and just wants to spread the love. 🙂