Old, Terrified Dog Finally Gets A Reason To Be Happy

Hope For Paws got word of a senior dog living at a water treatment plant. One of the workers had seen a previous Hope For Paws’ video and decided to give them a call. There were hazardous chemicals in open tanks next to the dog, so rescuers had to be careful.

They needed to make the dog feel comfortable in their presence, so they offered food. Rescuers waited and waited, but the dog still wouldn’t let anyone near. After sneaking around behind and capturing him with the gentle snare, Mufasa was finally safe. And how the dog acts in the car after being rescued is just too sweet.

This is an older video and Mufasa eventually went on to be adopted, but it’s a Hope For Paws classic that never gets old and deserves to be seen over and over. When you see it, we think you’ll agree. 🙂

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