Rescuers Take In Dog With Swollen Legs, Then They Look In His Mouth

Rescuers from Villalobos Rescue Center (as seen on the show Pit Bulls & Parolees) arrive to take a look at a stray described as in very bad shape with emphasis on getting there as soon as possible. The pit bull had swollen legs covered in old bite marks and new bite marks, but he couldn’t stop wagging his tail!

The dog was mauled by something or used for dog fighting. He was emaciated and could barely stand up on his own. They could smell the infection, so they knew they had to get the dog looked at right away. His tail wagged the entire time, even as they loaded him into the vehicle. So they named him Mr. Wags.

Just when they thought they’d seen the extent of the dog’s problems, they looked inside his mouth. Tia Torres didn’t even know what she was looking at at first. “In my thirty years of doing rescue, I have never seen anything like that,” she said. It turned out to be the dog’s canine tooth. It had been pulled out to where the root was exposed.

After a week at the vet, Mr. Wags was in much better shape! The sweet boy is feeling great and loves everyone he meets. And, of course, he’s still wagging that tail! Now he’s just waiting for his forever home. 🙂

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